Upcoming White Rock Project

We are pleased to announce that we have secured two lots in White Rock and are currently in negotiation with the City about the potential for building two small-footprint sustainable modern homes on the site.

The site itself is perfectly located on the “flats” at the bottom of the hillside, only two blocks from the area known as East Beach. This area has been undergoing a major transformation over the past ten years, transforming from an older cottage-filled beachside area to a vibrant beach community full of young families and vibrant development.

The site itself is a unique property, comprised of a standard 33′x128′ infill lot, and a second 16×128′ lot which is a “left-over” result of some zoning and land title changes in the fifties. Rather than build on the lots in their current configuration, we have asked the city to consider a better approach.

Our proposal is that the site could be re-divided along its center, creating two virtually identical south facing, flat building lots. These lots would perfectly support our proposed LEED certified small-footprint homes, and (if approved) would stand as a wonderful example of sustainable infill redevelopment. For more information on the White Rock site, please contact Dave deBruyn via email or call 604-377-4978.

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