Benefits Of A LEED Home Video

I came across this video put together by the US Green Building Council explaining the benefits of the LEED for new homes program. There are some great points in the video, and it really is a solid overview of the reasons why we support the LEED certification program in Canada.

InHaus Development is currently building two homes in the White Rock area that are registered with the Canadian Green Building Council and are pursuing LEED certification. Once completed, they will be the first LEED rated homes in the South Surrey / White Rock area and will serve as a model of sustainable infill development for the area. If you have any questions about our current projects, or LEED certification in general, please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss the program in more detail.

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What is a “Smart Home”

By definition, a “smart home” is a house that uses technology to integrate the various systems within the home, allowing them to function as a whole. By bringing together the systems so they function as “one”, you can dramatically increasing the operating efficiency and reduce the environmental impact and energy usage of the home.

Our home automation systems go one step further by not only adjusting to your schedule changes automatically, but controlling both your heating, air conditioning, and lighting simultaneously, from a single interface.

A study for the American Lighting Association determined that household lighting accounts for 12-15% of the average household’s utility bill. An even more frightening statistic suggests that of the electricity annually used for lighting in North America, up to 50% is wasted due to inefficient lighting sources and lighting unoccupied spaces.
A smart home combines preprogrammed dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors to manage the lighting systems, maximizing efficient usage while you are at home, and saving energy while you are away. With these controls managing a typical 3-bedroom home, over 850 pounds of CO2 emissions could be eliminated each year, from your lighting systems alone! That savings in emissions roughly equates to not driving a car for over a month!

You can get even more savings on your electrical bill by controlling the wattage used by the light bulbs you currently have. These dimming devices use less electricity, extend bulb life, and add extra flexibility to create a wonderful aesthetic in your home. Dimming your bulbs by 25% can reduce consumption by 20% and quadruples the lifespan of your bulbs.

Heating & Cooling
A smart home system allows you to  maximum energy efficiency based on the seasons, by programming your shades (blinds) and thermostat to automatically adjust for time of day or outside temperature. In a home that is optimized for passive solar heating, a smart system is an integral part of keeping the home both efficient, and comfortable, without the need for energy-hungry artificial heating and cooling systems. The smart home system also allows easy access to your home’s controls, even from your smartphone.

Audio Video
The features and convenience of a smart home system not only end up saving the owners money and energy, they also can integrate a seamless audio & video experience into their day to day life. Built in speakers, centralized media storage, and themed presets that work in conjunction with your lighting controls and other systems bring a whole new level of comfort to the home. At the touch of a button, your home can dim the lights, close the blinds, start the fire, and begin playing the perfect movie on a Saturday night. Perhaps you are entertaining? Switch over to the entertaining mode, and soft, quality music fills the home, while the lights dim in all of the important spots. Let your guests in as they arrive via the remote controlled door locking system, and welcome them up to the perfect gathering. A smart home is so much more than efficiency and energy savings, it is about improving the lives of the homes’ owners as they live in their space.

We are pleased to be integrating smart home technology into the White Rock BeachHaus project. To ensure that we have the best system on the market, we have partnered with Harry Sani at Digital Smart Homes Inc. to help plan, install and program the ultimate system. Our motto is “Live Smart, Not Large” and the homes at the BeachHaus project will be by far the smartest homes in the White Rock area.

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Floorplan Preview – BeachHaus II

Over the past few weeks we have been hard at work with the Pb Elemental design team finalizing & refining the floorplans for the upcoming build in White Rock, BC. Although there are a few changes still to be made, we had to share a sneak peek of what is coming.

This plan is for House II, and is approximately 1900sqft featuring 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms and a private office/flex space with separate entry. This home has an oversize single car garage, and additional off-street parking sheltered by the cantilevered second floor.

The home also features a green-roof system, private rooftop patio, and can be entirely operated by the “Smart Home” system being installed by Vancouver’s home automation specialists at Digital Smart Homes [complete with in-wall ipad, and full smartphone control]. We will be seeking LEED certification on this home, and are confident that we will be able to achieve Gold status.

Land Use & Planning

Last night we attended the monthly meeting of the White Rock Land Use & Planning Committee, where our subdivision / lot line adjustment application for the upcoming White Rock project was on the docket. We brought the 1/8 model of the project proposal for the committee’s viewing, and the project was well received. The planning department and the committee brought up their concerns about parking in the area, and we confirmed that each single-family home would have two individual off-street parking spots in order to prevent adding any more cards to the area. The committee was also reminded that we will actually be reducing the density of the site from 4 single family units to 2 single family units, thereby further reducing the number of cars that will be parked in the area.

We are proud to announce that our proposal was approved by the Land Use & Planning Committee, and that our next step will be a public hearing to be held on March 7th, at 7:00pm. We invite anyone who is interested in our project to attend, and anyone who attends is welcome to voice their support or concerns about our proposal.

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Developers Info Meeting

On February 9th we hosted a developer’s info meeting for the White Rock project. The meeting was well attended and we were pleased with the extremely positive reaction to the plan from area residents. Approximately twenty-five people attended the meeting, representing approximately sixteen households in the area. There were also three attendees who did not live in the area, but attended the meeting out of curiosity.

During the meeting we presented two different scenarios. Using a 1/8″ scale model we demonstrated what we could build on the site as it stands, and also demonstrated what we planned to build on the site should our application be successful.

Here is a summary of feedback received at the meeting:

  • complete support for the re-oriented lots & proposed massing / layout
  • support for the setbacks which preserve both view & light corridors
  • support for maintaining the “openness” of the corner at finlay & columbia
  • strong opposition for adding driveways along finlay, cited parking issues
  • support for accommodating 2 off-street parking spots for each dwelling
  • strong support for our desire to build LEED certified sustainable homes
  • strong support for the small footprint & reduced density / lot coverage as compared to the existing zoning

The only negative comments / feedback receive were as follows:

One attendee voiced concern over the amount of development in White Rock, and was against the project simply on the basis that she would prefer nothing changed, and did not support development of any kind. She does not live in the direct area, although she is a White Rock resident. In further conversation, this attendee did confirm that she preferred our proposed plan to the existing buildable scenario, but still would prefer to see nothing done.

Another concern was voiced by the direct neighbour on Finlay in regards to the proposed deck on the rear center of each dwelling. He felt that this balcony may pose a privacy issue to his family, depending on the placement. We agreed that we would remove this balcony and would revisit the issue with him personally as we drew closer to finalizing the design itself. They were in agreeance with this, and voiced strong support for the proposal.

The final concern came up a number of times and related to foliage & visibility on the corner of Columbia & Finlay. The existing trees on the site pose a large problem for residents of Finlay St. as they attempt to turn onto Columbia Avenue. These residents felt that the east/west orientation would cause even further problems with visibility on the corner, and they were very supportive of our proposal which “opens up” the corner. We also agreed to trim back /prune the existing trees, pending an arborists report.

From this point we are looking forward to the upcoming Land Use & Planning Committee meeting on February 14th (happy valentine’s day).

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